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Introducing year-round online workshop series!

Each year-round track is focused on a specific theme and consists of different modules. You can join at the start of any module, no matter what level you are starting at. Receive rewards for continuing on with the next module. Earn a certificate when you complete one year’s worth of modules. 

Continuing Student Reward

Join a workshop series at the start of any module. When you continue on with the next consecutive module, join at a reduced price. Receive a 10% discount if you are a continuing student, within one series. We want to encourage deep exploration within our series themes and we want you to have the experience of watching your skills accumulate and layer in meaningful ways. 


Botanical Watercolor

Up next: Spring Botanical Watercolor


Sketchbook Practice

Up next: Urban Landscape


Edible Spring Wildflowers in Watercolor

As spring emerges I’m always so grateful to those very early tiny flowers that give the signal that winter is over. These weeds and wildflowers that are first on the scene are so fragile looking one can hardly believe they would also be so brave. Pictured here are Veronica chamaedrys also known as cat eyes….
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An Interview with Ali Fitzgerald

I interviewed Ali on her return to Berlin from her residency in France. I was curious about her personal relationship with her visual storytelling, how she brings together the written word and visual image, then how she passes on this wonderful knowledge as a tool for her students. I found her deep connection from mind…
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Three Generations Paint Together in Online Class

During the past year lockdowns around the world as well as the decrees or altogether halt of travel, due the pandemic, has kept quite a few families apart. Especially amongst an expat community, like the one I belong to in Berlin, many people have their families spread out across multiple countries. While video calls and…
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Bestiarium: from science to fantasy

The history of drawing animals and inventing fantasy creatures is intrinsically intertwined. Albrecht Dürer’s rhinoceros for example, famously drawn from a written description of the animal and not from sight, is a combination of one man’s observations and the artists’ imagination. Sea creatures drawn into the uncharted waters of maps were similarly combinations of word…
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Printable Holiday Cards Gift

Print out these cards for your friends and family this Holiday Season! What a year! 2020 has been full of challenges and new discoveries. Thank you for joining us, if you are a new member of our community. THANK YOU for sticking with us, if you are one of our loyal repeat students. Our gift…
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Drawing Monsters: an exploration of the shadow

Artists throughout history have used monsters and mythological creatures to explore their inner worlds and experiment in a free and expressive way. by Heidy Weingartner Monsters have been popular mythical creatures for as long as humans have been telling stories. Mythology has used monsters to describe something or someone outside the bounds of acceptable form…
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