The Berlin Drawing Room was founded in 2011 when American artist Mira O’Brien decided to offer the first Drawing Workshop in her studio. Since then, the offerings have expanded to include a variety of workshops with a focus on drawing and painting. We continue to branch out by collaborating with other organizations, such as the Prinzessinnengarten and the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin, and bringing additional artists into our team.

 We believe that the experience of hands-on creation should be accessible to anyone and that drawing is not a skill reserved for art making but is an essential part of communication and perceiving the world.



Mushrooms can change perceptions - and that's what Mira O'Brien is all about. With the help of mushrooms, the 36-year-old wants to teach how to see the world around her differently. However, the plan is not to eat them and wait for a hallucinogenic effect, but to draw them. "The closer we look at an object, the more detailed we perceive it," says O'Brien.

Pilze können die Wahrnehmung verändern – und genau darum geht es Mira O’Brien: Mit der Hilfe von Pilzen will die 36-Jährige lehren, die Welt um sich herum anders zu sehen. Der Plan ist jedoch nicht, sie zu essen und auf eine halluzinogene Wirkung zu warten, sondern sie zu zeichnen. „Denn je genauer wir uns ein Objekt anschauen, desto detaillierter nehmen wir es auch wahr“, sagt O’Brien.

O’Brien takes a technical approach, working intimately with her students analysing the model through negative space, gradation and contour lines and really trying to present the science behind capturing figure and form.

Motivated by the belief that everyone can learn how to draw, Mira founded the Berlin Drawing Room in 2011 in her Kreuzberg atelier. Since then it has expanded to offer a variety of workshops led by professional artists, with a focus on drawing and painting. While the approach is rigorous, most workshops are geared towards beginners, with step-by-step instruction covering foundation skills.