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Wunderkammer Watercolor

Colors from Nature

“Mira’s Botanical Drawing Workshop made me enjoy spring so much. It was wonderful to sit in the Prinzessinnengarten, to learn about the plants from the gardener, to focus on their beautiful colors and forms, and to put them down on paper. I also enjoyed the classes in the studio that were a good mix of Mira’s teaching (on various watercolor techniques and art history) and own drawing sessions with calm music in the background. I can highly recommend the workshop – and just signed up for the next one!”

Isabel H. (Botanical Workshop, 2016)

“I learned far more in the short time of the Botanical Drawing Workshop than I ever expected. The course combines watercolor and drawing technique with art history and the botanical history of local plant life, which provided a new way of looking at the city of Berlin. It was a really relaxing environment to work in both in the studio and at the Prinzessinengarten. Mira is a wonderful and creative teacher and I can highly recommend her and the course to anyone with interest regardless of skill level.”

Erin R. (Botanical, 2016)

“The main reason I joined one of your workshop was because I haven’t drawn and painted for a long time and wanted to start again . Illustration is one of my interest and I find nature very inspiring so it made sense to sign up for the Botanical Drawing workshop. I ended up with far more that just getting back to drawing and painting. I feel now more confident using the watercolors medium that I used to find intimidating and I now keep on painting regularly.”

Nassima C. (Winter Botanical Drawing Workshop, 2017)