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I really recommend this classes to open minded people. Here you will learn basics or enhance your already established skills in a non academic way. You can alwais grab a book and learn about how you “should” draw lights and shadows, but this is different. This is about approaching reality, breaking through your “standards” and creating something that, sometimes surprisingly, is always definitely interesting. If you are not afraid of what can get out of your pencil when you let it go, just come to this workshop: it is the right place for you!

Simone Brizzi (Drawing Workshop, 2013)

“The course about anatomy with Giulia was great! It’s amazing how much you can learn in such a short time and Giulia is a very precise and nice instructor. Thank you for that!”

Nathalie Frank (Anatomy Drawing Workshop, 2017)

“I took the Spring 2013 Drawing Workshop and can highly recommend it. This is a great class for learning to observe and draw in a structured, yet playful and creative way. I was familiar with some of the ideas from Betty Edwards ‘Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain’, and I also met many new exercises and ways of approaching drawing. Mira is a gentle and supportive teacher, at the same time she is always stretching her students to try different methods and get beyond their self-imposed limits. By the end of the class, I noticed that my drawing had improved in ways that I hadn’t even realised!”

Catherine Lupton (Drawing Workshop, 2013)