Figure Drawing Lockdown Supply List

Hi Everyone,

Below you will find a list of recommended supplies for the Figure Drawing Workshop under lockdown. We understand that access to art supplies might be limited at this time, so if you are not able to obtain everything on the list don’t worry.

For the first class paper and pencil will be sufficient. The instructor G Caruso will give an overview and the supply list and answer any questions regarding substitutes during the first class meeting.

Supply List:

  • A3 140gr/m (or more) paper 
  • 3B/6B graphite pencil
  • Watersoluble black pencil/9B graphite stick
  • Watersoluble ink pen/brushpen 
  • Charcoal fusain 
  • Brush+water or pentel waterbrush L size
  • Watercolor or pastels or any other color/paint set

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