Sketchbook Practice: Mixed-Media Supply List

  • Sketchbook: you can watch the video (Link Here) but as a rule of thumb I suggest an A4 or A5 sketchbook, with paper at least 150gsm or more.
  • Loose watercolor paper, rough, 200/300gsm
  • Loose toned paper, kraft paper is ok too or we can recycle paper bags
  • Tracing paper or satin paper or any semitransparent paper
  • Scissors, stick glue, masking tape
  • Some medium for line art (anything between graphite pencils between 3b and 7b, pigment liners, fountain pens, rollerpoint pens… look what you have around before buying new things)
  • Some medium for color (pastels, watercolor, gouache, acrylics… again, whatever you have we will make it work and discover new ways of using it)
  • Something white (either pastels or watersoluble pencils or gel pens or markers)
  • A watersoluble medium of choice (either pencils or pastels or inks, sometimes old liner pens or fountain pens are watersoluble, or some markers like tombows.)
  • Brushes (round tip is better) if you have to buy get the pentel waterbrush round/large tip one.

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