Sketchbook Practice Workshop Series

A year-round online workshop series focused on developing a sketchbook practice.

Develop a consistent sketchbook practice. Whatever your goal is – improving drawing skills, learning new techniques, or advancing a specific project – a sketchbook is the best place to work on it. For countless artists before us and now, the sketchbook has always been the place to collect and analyze ideas, practice specific drawing skills and experiment in small format with techniques and solutions that would later be developed into larger works.

Learn foundation skills for drawing, as well as special sketchbook techniques, through:

  • live demonstrations
  • step by step exercises
  • hands on practice
  • time for individual style and expression

Sketchbook Practice Workshop Series consists of different modules, each focused on a different subject or technique. 

The teaching develops organically with each module over the course of the year, but if you start mid-year you will be guided into the overall process.

Individual tutoring and specific exercises will respond to the goals, struggles and needs of each student. Complete beginners are welcome and you are invited to join at the start of any module, or leave and come back. This workshop series is for anyone that wants to train towards a consistent drawing practice and to improve and develop their skills.

Online Workshop Modules for 2021

Join at the start of any workshop, no matter what level you are at. 

  • Each workshop lasts 8 weeks.
  • Mondays 6-8pm CET
  • (Starts 6pm in Berlin, 12pm in New York, 9am in San Francisco, 5pm in London)

G Caruso: artist-instructor

G Caruso has been a sketchbook enthusiast for the past 25 years, filling up pages and pages with life studies, sketches, diagrams, portraits, exercises.

G Caruso’s personal art and teaching are deeply intertwined through the concepts of:

  • constant practice
  • study of classics
  • a disciplined approach to creative projects
  • always with the goal of discovering new things to then bring to the students. 

G Caruso is a traditional Italian artist focused on studying and transmitting the knowledge and methods of old classical masters. After years of intense foundation work in the studio of Antonio Marroni, Italian artist preserving the tradition of the “Bottega d’Arte” with all its techniques, G graduated at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera di Milano, with a curriculum focused on figure, pedagogy and symbolism in art. G Caruso taught at the Laboratorio Artistico of Milan for ten years before moving to Berlin and starting the collaboration with Berlin Drawing Room in 2017.


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"The Sketchbook workshop series has been a lifesaver for me. Having the weekly class has helped me keep motivated and I've been more active artistically this year than ever before. I thought the online format may be a bit difficult to get used to, but honestly now I hope it will continue even after it's safe for us all to meet in person again. The reason for this is while I also love in-person classes with G and local students, it also feels special to connect with students from all over the world, and I've never experienced something like it. So I'm grateful for these workshops and would recommend them to any student who would like the camaraderie and motivation to keep making art. G is also a talented, funny, and amazing teacher all around, so that's a big plus!"

Lindsey Gould (Sketchbook Practice, 2020)

“Having a weekly lesson with G and the other students, during the Sketchbook Practice Series, has been a safe and stable online space to experience creativity and human connection.”

Lindsey Gould (Sketchbook Practice, 2020)

"G Caruso embodies all the features that a great teacher should have, including being super funny and charismatic. Everything said in the theory had an immediately visible impact in practice. G was able to always keep a very vivid pace to the class, even during individual corrections they kept all the group involved. Even after the first class I could see improvements in my drawing.

Violetta Andriolo

"G Caruso’s Sketchbook Practice: Watercolor workshop was excellent and my first online art workshop. I hadn’t worked with watercolor for many years and I was able to refresh my memory and learn new techniques each week. Each session was recorded so I was able to reinforce my learning. Each participant was able to upload their projects and get positive feedback and suggestions. G is an organized, very experienced water-colorist and teacher who shares their passion for the medium. G cares about each student and their progress. The sense of community that developed was such a treat. I live in the USA and worked from my studio. There were students from four other countries. I signed up for another class immediately and hope online classes will continue to be offered."

Norma Bradley (Sketchbook Practice, 2020)