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Printable Holiday Cards Gift

Print out these cards for your friends and family this Holiday Season! What a year! 2020 has been full of challenges and new discoveries. Thank you for joining us, if you are a new member of our community. THANK YOU for sticking with us, if you are one of our loyal repeat students. Our gift to you is a pair of high resolution greeting cards,…

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Botanical Watercolor Weed Diary

For the first meeting of the Botanical Watercolor Workshop I would like each of you to collect a weed, or two, as your specimen. The more common and despised the weed, the better. Try to collect the entire plant, if possible. Also try to collect examples of every part of the plant that you can observe: leaves, stems, flowers, seed pods. Place your specimen in…

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Botanical Drawing Exhibition: July 2-3

Please join us for a special exhibition of botanical illustrations created during the Botanical Drawing Workshop. The drawings and paintings on display were created through a process of close observation, both at the Prinzessinensgarten and the Berlin Drawing Room.  The workshop is inspired by the Naturalists of the 19th century, who were simultaneously artists, explorers and scientists. Through the process of drawing from life, we…

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