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Sketchbook Practice Watercolor

The upcoming module of the yearlong Sketchbook Practice Workshop with G Caruso will be focused on watercolor. Find details HERE. Watercolor is a medium beloved for its immediacy and versatility. Centuries before the modern romantic age revival as a carnet de voyage (travel sketching) medium, watercolor was employed by old masters in their sketches. We will explore how to use watercolor to make projects sketches, color…

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Sketchbook Practice Materials: Lockdown Edition

The principle of this workshop is to show methods and techniques to develop a practice without having access to “the outside world” which also means that we’re gonna make work what you already have at home. The materials list is divided in categories of things you can start look around for in your house. We will go through this during the first class too anyway…

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Sketchbook Creative Journey

We are excited to introduce a new workshop format the the Berlin Drawing Room. The new series Sketchbook Practice will take place over the course of an entire year, starting in January. This format enables participants to embark on a deep personal journey of not only learning to draw but developing a practice that they can choose to continue or always return to over the course of a life time.

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