Art of Color (1 of 1)

The Art & Science of Image Making

A year-round online workshop series focused on the fundamental aspects of art making and the science behind them.

As creative people, many of us have an intuitive sense of what looks good: of colors that work well together or how to make something appear three dimensional. This series of workshops looks at the science behind these fundamental aspects of art making. For anyone who has ever said to themselves, “I know this works but I don’t know why” this series can help you to answer those questions. Designed to clarify and expand on concepts that may have come up in previous art classes, these workshops will help you bring more understanding and sophistication into your current artistic and creative endeavors.

Continuing Student Reward

Join the Art & Science Workshop series at the start of any module. When you continue on with the next consecutive module, join at a reduced price. Receive a 10% discount if you are a continuing student, within one series. We want to encourage deep exploration within our series themes and we want you to have the experience of watching your skills accumulate and layer in meaningful ways.

Online Workshop Modules for 2021

Join at the start of any workshop, no matter what level you are at. 

    • Each workshop includes 6 livestreaming classes.
    • Also includes: recordings of every class, individual feedback on finished work, supplemental material.
    • 6 – 8 pm Wednesdays
    • Starting at 6pm in Berlin, 12pm in New York, 9am in San Francisco, 5pm in London…

Artist-Instructor Ian Jehle

Ian Jehle 's practice as an artist and educator lies at the intersection between art and science, utilizing his background in engineering and fine art.

Ian Jehle is a Canadian artist and teacher based in Berlin and Washington DC. He is on the faculty at American University in Washington DC and previously was head of engineering at the construction firm P&J Arcomet. Jehle studied computer science, mathematics, philosophy and visual arts at American University, Kansas City Art Institute, Brandeis University and Columbia University.

Jehle’s work focuses on the intersection of math, engineering and visual arts. His large scale math-based installation projects are often participatory in nature, using games, puzzles and live events where participants are invited to create works of art by following a simple set of mathematical rules. Jehle considers his teaching an important part of his art-making process and often includes groups of students in the design and implementation of his project based works.

Our Online Workshop Format

  • Livestreaming classes take place via online video conference (using Zoom). The instructor conducts live demos with step-by-step instruction so that you can work together in real time. You also have the opportunity to ask questions and get feedback during class time.
  • We keep class sizes small and the atmosphere is interactive and supportive.
  • Finish exercises or practice at your own pace, at home, outside of class time.
  • Receive individual feedback on your completed work and exchange comments and questions with the instructor and your fellow workshop participants in an encouraging environment.
  • Find supplemental material and watch the progress of other participants by visiting the workshop Dropbox folder in between classes.
  • Recordings from each week’s livestreaming session are available in case you miss a class or want to review a demo.

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"Ian communicated the course material in a clear, intelligent, deliberate and engaging manner. The course was well organized and very informative. Ian made efforts to build relationships with everyone in the class, to find out more about our backgrounds, and to ask what we hoped to gain from the class. He tailored course instruction, content, and examples to engage everyone's individual interests. I can tell he genuinely cares for students, and is passionate about both the course material itself and teaching. He often remained online with us after the end of class to answer questions and even assured us that if we have questions following the end of class, we are welcome to reach out any time. He is truly invested in his students as people."

Jared Goodwin (Art and Science of Color, 2020)

On a personal note I’ve just graduated from university as a graphic designer, moved to Berlin and was having a hard time feeling creative and unsure of what to do next. SO this color theory workshop couldn’t have come at a better time evoking back my passion for colors and design. Unfortunately, I couldn’t attend all the classes live but because they were recorded I could easily catch up and feel like I didn’t miss a beat. I am excited to use my new tools in new project! Although we were in different creative industries Ian also found different examples that visualized our different mediums and I believe everybody picked up a few new tools to improve their own work.

Mynah Queva (Art and science of Color, 2020)