Wunderkammer Watercolor


Watercolor Workshop: the Berlin Landscape

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Intro Watercolor Workshop

Travel Sketching Workshop (intensive)

“Thanks to Mira’s lessons in just a few weeks my understanding of watercolours is light years ahead of where it was. She gave us some great tips and coaching and I now feel like I have a really firm grasp of the basics of colours and watercolours and a great skill for life. Also, the classes are relaxed and fun - there’s no pressure at all and the trips with the class made it easier to start painting outside. ”

Kier E. (Watercolor Workshop, 2013)

“I took the watercolor class last summer and would recommend it to anyone regardless of skill level. I had no experience with watercolors, and really hardly any experience with painting when I took the class. Mira is an extremely patient/open/encouraging teacher and the plein air days are a lot of fun (if the rain doesn’t put a damper on things!). She introduced me to a new way of looking at things, of seeing and understanding color in the world around us. Do it!”

Greg R. (Watercolor Workshop, 2013)

“I took Mira’s watercolor class this spring (2015). Mira provided helpful examples and guidance to get us started, but did not prescribing a particular style to follow, so there was great diversity in the kind of work we produced - we were each able to take the medium in our own direction. I had not touched a paintbrush in years, and I found the learning curve manageable. Now that the class is over I’m continuing to paint on my own and I really enjoy it! I had previously taken Mira’s drawing class, which I would recommend, as it was helpful to have already practiced the basics of composition, perspective, and learning how to “see.””

Matt H. (Watercolor Workshop 2015)