Anatomy Drawing Workshop

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Anatomy Drawing Workshop

with G Caruso

Draw the figure from the inside out! Learn the basics of anatomy, body structure and muscle dynamics that make up a traditional figure drawing foundation. By developing our technique, we open the possibility to capture on paper the specific gestures and emotions expressed by the model. Figure drawing has always been the primary focus of artist Giulia Caruso and she is ready to share her trade secrets.

Working from a live model, as well as from historical examples and live demonstrations, we will cover a range of traditional mediums including: graphite sticks, white and red chalks on toned paper and inks. We will focus on gesture drawing, negative space and relative proportions to achieve an expressive result. We will learn simple ground rules to manage foreshortening, avoid graphic symbolizations and other common issues.

The workshop will be tailored to the individual needs and interested on the participants, with advanced exercises given to more experienced or repeat students and additional tutorials for beginners or anywhere anyone has a gap in knowledge or ability. If you have taken a workshop with Giulia already, she will introduce new material and is excited to get you to the next level.

During a Saturday field trip to the Altes Museum we will see how the portrayal of the human body has developed in classic times and make drawings on site from the classical statues.

5 x on Tuesday in the studio from 6-9 pm
1 x Field-Trip on a Saturday

Cost: 180 Euros* (includes some supplies)
*includes 19%VAT

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