The Art and Science of Color (online)

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Offered entirely online: interactive, livestreaming classes and personalized feedback on completed work.

with Ian Jehle

A deep understanding of how to use color is an essential skill for any painter, or for that matter anyone creating visual content. During this hands on workshop you will be guided through a series of exercises paired with theoretical content with artist and educator Ian Jehle. The use of color and its perceptual influence is a major component of Ian’s own work.

Color has the power to evoke emotion and trigger memories. For most of us, it is what we remember when we walk into a beautiful room or what we think of when we remember our favorite painting. But how does color work? How do we distinguish one color from another? What do we mean when we say that colors go together. 

Starting with the simple color wheel that most of us know from childhood, this course looks at how color operates in the eye and in the mind, as both light and biology. Using acrylic paint and canvas, we will analyze the inherent attributes of color, and using simple exercises, learn how to effectively work with those individual attributes. Taking examples from film, animation, painting, and advertising, we will look at systems that various cultures and media use to organize and choose colors. Whether you’re interested in fine art, video, design or digital media, this course will teach you the fundamental tools to incorporate colour into whatever you do.


Understanding Color: Light & Biology

The Attributes of Color: Value, Hue & Intensity

Color Dynamics: How one color affects another

Color Systems: Complimentary, Analogous, Tonal

Color Systems: Persian Miniatures

Above images are artworks by Ian Jehle.

August 26 – September 30

6 x Wednesdays from 6-8 pm CET

Cost: 175 Euros*
*includes 16% VAT

11 seats available