Drawing Thinking Workshop

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Drawing Thinking: Perception, Creativity and Communication

Offered entirely online: livestreaming classes and personalized feedback on completed work.

with G Caruso

This workshop is a three step journey into the process of Drawing Thinking, a method to develop and express visual thinking and communication.

  1. Engage actively with your own process of perception.
  2. Access creativity through strategies proven by artists.
  3. Utilize drawing as a new way of thinking and communicating. 


Who: Are you seeking a fresh perspective on creativity? Would you like to become more fluent in visual thinking and communicating? If you are willing to engage in the process of drawing thinking, rather than expecting one-dimensional solutions or quick results, then this workshop is right for you. The goal here is not to make a realistic drawing and you do not need to be a “talented artist” to make use of the skills we will develop. 

Why: Learn hands on exercises for engaging the visual/creative side of your brain that cannot be accessed with language and find out why drawing is a way of thinking. Take for example, our lesson on drawing negative space. When you learn to draw the negative space surrounding an object, you are training your brain to be able to shift in and out of two modes of focus. The goal is not the finished drawing, but rather the clicking feeling of rapidly switching between perceptual modes at will becoming part of your muscle memory. This is the type of training that can lead to more agile visual thinking.

This workshop is taught from an artist’s perspective and led by professional practicing artists. We have trained in and practiced the principles of drawing thinking for decades now and as we look around and see the demand for non-linear problem solving, innovation and visual communication in a variety of fields, we recognize that we have a unique perspective to offer. 


  • Visual Perception:

We start by examining and learning how to influence our own individual perception. Before we set out to create or communicate, projecting outward, we need to look at ourselves. Drawing exercises are used to fine-tune and expand our perceptual field, the way one can adjust the depth of field and focus on a camera. 

  • The Rules of Creativity: 

Creativity does not grow out of boundless self-expression but rather thrives within limitations; this is a paradox that artists have known intimately long before the term “design thinking” existed. We will look to the strategies employed by artists that have led to art historical breakthroughs, as well as how to access “creative flow,” using individual artists and their work as examples.  

  • Visual Communication:

Now you are ready to learn how to organize your revelations in a way that they can be communicated; how to visually structure ideas in a way that the drawing is not a record of the idea, the drawing is the idea. Yes, drawing is itself a way of thinking. This singularity is the power of visual communication that can be unlocked through drawing. 


August 27 – October 1, 2020

6 x Thursday from 6-8 pm CET

Cost: 185€
(includes 16% VAT)


11 seats available