with G Caruso

What you will learn: 

Paint a simple landscape with glorious clouds. Learn how to layer and blend colors on canvas using a simple and effective technique. 

Clouds can set the mood of an entire painting as well as adding depth through atmospheric perspective to a horizon. Landscape painters often use the sky to convey emotions or imply narrative. Is the sky dark and foreboding with heavy rain clouds or can we see rays of light filtering through a mist? The same scene with two different skies can send dramatically different messages. 

Enjoy the gestural possibilities of the sky! Painting clouds is also an opportunity to include an expressive abstraction within a realistic painting. Think of Turner’s massive skies and oceans, all brush strokes and color, brought into perspective by a tiny sinking ship. 

How to join:

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Saturday, June 12

18 – 20:00 CET
(6pm Berlin, 9am San Francisco, 10am Denver, 12pm noon NY)
Livestreaming via Zoom link. 


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  • Paint set (either acrylics, oil or gouache): primary colors + black and white.
  • Canvas paper or cardboard with a gesso base or a canvas board
  • Paper towels or scrap fabric for brush cleaning
  • a brush of medium size