Sketchbook Practice Workshop

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Offered entirely online: livestreaming classes and personalized feedback on completed work.

Sketchbook Practice Workshop

with G Caruso

Develop a consistent sketchbook practice. Whatever your goal is – improving drawing skills, learning new techniques, or advancing a specific project – a sketchbook is the best place to work on it. For countless artists before us and now, the sketchbook has always been the place to collect and analyze ideas, practice specific drawing skills and experiment in small format with techniques and solutions that would later be developed into larger works.

Through live demonstrations, exercises, and hands on practice you will learn foundation skills for drawing as well as special sketchbook techniques.

Sketchbook Practice Workshop will consist of a series of modules, each focused on a different subject or technique. The teaching will develop organically with each module over the course of the year, but if you start mid-year you will be guided into the overall process. Individual tutoring and specific exercises will respond on the goals, struggles and needs of each student. 

This workshop is open to complete beginners and you are welcome to join at the start of any module, or leave and come back.

Mondays 6-8pm CET


Mixed Media: January – February 17
Portrait: February 24 – March 30
Lockdown Edition: April 6 – May 18 (online)
Watercolor: May 25 – June 29  (online)
Urban Landscape: July 6 – August 10 (online)
Inks: August 17-Sept 21 (online)
Monsters: Sept 28 – Nov 2 (online)
Last Module 2020: Nov 9 – Dec 14 (online)

Next up: Monsters

Have you ever made an ugly drawing? Has the fear that your drawing is not “pretty” enough ever stopped you from being creative? Time to meet your monster!

Artists have used monsters and mythological creatures throughout art history to explore their inner worlds and experiment with lines and colors in a free and expressive way. We will look at the suggestive work of artists like Goya and Bosch, as well as the visual traditions of mythology, for inspiration.

We will develop our own language of monsters and creatures, while experimenting with a variety of techniques. Gesture and personal expression will be explored using mixed media drawing. We will tear down all the walls to help your artistic voice break free again!


Our Online Workshop Format:

Classes meet via Zoom, livestreaming, and include live demos and step by step instructions from the instructor. Participants will do exercises along with the instructor and have the opportunity to ask questions and get feedback during class time. We keep class sizes small and the atmosphere is interactive and intimate. Participants have the option take a little extra time on their own, at home, to complete the exercises or practice at their own pace, although this is not required. Finished work gets uploaded to a Dropbox folder where the instructor will give individual feedback and answer questions in the comments section. Participants can also comment on each others work in a supportive and encouraging environment.

Recordings from each week’s livestreaming session will be made available to participants.

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