Wunderkammer Watercolor

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Wunderkammer Watercolor

with Mira O’Brien (BDR Founding Director) in collaboration with the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin (Natural History Museum)

Imagine you are seeing a scaly Pangolin or an iridescent Morpho didius butterfly for the first time. Is the timid Pangolin a pinecone come to life? Is the shimmering butterfly more than a mirage? It is this sense of wonder at the natural world that we will seek to reconnect with through the act of drawing.

As we explore the collections of the Natural History Museum, we will assume the role of the Naturalist who was both artist and scientist. Through the act of close observation, we will gain unique perceptual insights into our specimens.

We will meet every other week with a different scientist at the museum and focus on a different section of the vast research collections. During the alternate weeks we will focus more on learning new watercolor techniques such as layering and achieving texture, working directly from museum specimens. While our studies will be more closely aligned with field work than polished studio work, they will contain the vibrancy of wonder.

Location: Museum für Naturkunde Berlin, Invalidenstr. 43 · 10115 Berlin

Cost: 190€*
(includes 19% VAT)
*includes museum admission

Supply List

January 24 – February 28, 2020

6x Fridays 10 am – 1 pm

9 seats available